Monday, February 15, 2010

{ valentine's weekend }

So this year I went to a wedding for Vday in Fresno (or as I recently learned "the pit of California"?). Friday night/Saturday morning was such a bad, hectic day full of headaches! We didn't actually leave Friday night, as we originally planned, but yet Saturday afternoon. Because of the stress that was cause through the car rental company they granted us a upgraded car for the same discount that a employee would have. The Mercedes C300 was such a smooth, quiet and fast car to drive! Lets not forget the white exterior and black leather interior was a beautiful combo also!

We Finally arrived in town early afternoon and went to Fashion Fair mall. I must admit I remember it being so much bigger? Anyhow I didn't buy anything? Which is for the better.

I am so drained! Didn't get into Southern California until 1130pm and didn't get to my apartment until 12:30am. What on the agenda for tonight? A little laundry, a shower, jumping into sweats then taking a 2hr power nap before I have to get ready for Monday Basics. *highly anticipating my nap, that's for sure. Have a good day folks!

p.s. DIY has been postponed as I am currently broke as a joke. :)

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