Thursday, February 18, 2010

{ ketch-up }

So I know, I've been very bad with updating. And its so late, I have to run to bed BUT! Here are a few photos of a previous project that I promised. I had found an AWESOME sofa & swivel chair on If anyone know me, they know I am a advocate craigslist shopper! ;)

Well, I found the posting at $100 for the pair, and bought it for a bargaining $75!!! The covers were very dirty but the structure overall were still very nice. What a steal! Ofcourse the sofa covers had not been washed since,.. ? forever and were filthy but with a few washes, bleaching and Rit fabric dye, it turned out look very nice. Check it out:

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  1. Maria, I love it! I wish i had an eye for these kinds of things. Thank goodness the Lord has blessed me with such talented sisters. =)