Friday, November 26, 2010

{ giving thanks }

Lord, thank you for everything. For my loving family, caring friends, my job, Harvest, Layla and most of all for your son. For the sacrifice that you've made that has granted us direct access to you. For calling this wretched daughter home. I was once blind but now I see, once lost but now am found. I can honestly say, looking back, you had your hand on every single part of my life. From my lowest point to my "high". I can still remember those lonely broken nights; the feeling of failure, disappointment, emptiness and helplessness. You reached your hand from heaven and you touched my heart. You wiped the tears my from very eyes and held me close to you, reminding me that you are my ultimate love and that only through you would I be healed and restored. I am forever grateful and though I know I can never thank you enough, I live my life as a offering to you. I can truly say with all my heart that you are my redeeming and unfailing love. Your love has truly captivated me. It it only through you that I find my happiness becuase only through you can I truly understand, accept and love myself. I pray that you continue to show me your face, continue to light my path and place those individuals in my life that will draw me closer and closer to being the person you desire me to be. <3

Yesterday marked the second year I made my own turkey :) (whoo-hoo!) Though it wasn't as flavorful and moist as the one last year, I am satisfied with it. It was still better than most of the ones I've had before! (teeheehee). Auntie Tray came in from LA and made her all time delish eggrolls and later Auntie Hlee and Uncle Bee came over to join us for the feast. What was on the menu? Veggie Penne with Alfredo sauce, Scalloped potatoes, Green beans & carrots with sliced almonds, salad, Lemongrass & Lemon based turkey, white Jasmin rice, corn, eggrolls, piggies in a blanket ;) (hehe) and peanut based hot sauce. Absolutely yumms! The dessert was banana cream pie and velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

On another note! This Thanksgiving week was surely a BAD week to start my diet! ARGH! Tuesday I did a 6 miles cardio workout just to come to work on Tuesday and stuff my face at our Thanksgiving luncheon. *Aye! I didn't workout Wednesday nor did I work out Thursday. BUT tonight shall be a night of redemption! I am attacking the gym in hopes that I can shed a few lbs before going home for Christmas to face my 104 lb little brat sister. :\ Let's hope it works out as planned, hahaha. I have about 14days until my departure date so if I'm faithful to my eating and exercise.. I should be a little OK. (too much wishful thinking?)