Friday, June 25, 2010

{ love is in the Michigan air }

So, as I stated in my prior blog, I went home again this past weekend to celebrate the union of two beautiful couples: Aong Vang & Cheng Thao and KouKhasha Kue & Tom Lee. Man oh man was it a busy weekend! Sooooo restless and hot! It was like a sticky, hot, tiresome dream! ;) hehe

Really though, it went by so quickly I feel like it was a dream. I got to see alot of old faces, Minnesota, Oaklahoma & Wisconsin faces :) My bff Ntxoo and her little family, Meng and the boys, Nancy and her family and ofcourse those beautiful Michiganders! Sigh, I was was so jet lagged when I first arrived I forgot all the people who I would be seeing.

Saturday was Aong & Cheng's wedding. It was so intimate and adorable! And I'm so surprise to have found out that Cheng is actually the son of my parents' former pastor, 5 terms ago? Earlier that day I went to visit the new (to me its new) outdoor shopping center: Partidge Creek. It was so lovely! Was a little like a cross in between Victoria Gardens and The Grove. They had all the major store I liked; H&M, Forever21, Aldos, Guess? Apple AND For Love (whoo-hoo!). I also came across a store called Love Culture. Pretty cute things in there, a bit overwhelming because there was soooo much stuff in there, but prices were good. I guess a store to compare it to would be Papaya? One thing I was SOO shocked and in love with was that they allow pets! Not only in the shopping center but in the stores AND they have a little doggie play area :) Lovely isn't it?

Sunday was Kayla (KouKhasha) & Tom's wedding. It was a HOT day! Argh! I was running late and sweating. Got lost for over an hour due to the beautiful Michigan construction, stuck in a car with no A/C and missed rehearsal! I had no time for make-up and I saw graphic/sad scene of a groundhog in a roadkill. :( It really made my day sad. Afterwards I was on a hunt for shoes at Somerset mall. Argh, dropped $80 on some Mary Janes that I didn't even love and didn't get to see my baby ALL WEEKEND. Poor baby, was so happy and crying like a maniac when I got home that night. All in all, weekend was fun-filled and full of surprises. :)

Anywho, here are photos from Kayla & Tom's wedding, enjoy! I have yet uploaded the photos from Aong & Cheng's wedding. I didn't have my camera on me much so these photos are brought to you from the hands of Pang and Sheng, thanks guys! Have a blessed weekend family!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

{ small projects }

I've recently picked up on DIY acrylic nails. A few of my coworkers were talking about manicures and pedicures and I figured, "why not do it yourself". This was my first attempt and though I pretty impressed with how easy the application was, I'm a bit discouraged as they are started to lift after just after 7 days! :(
I purchased the Kiss acrylic nail kit from Target for only a few dollars, I believe it was $7.99? And the nail art supplies I hunted down at a local swap meet. They were pretty inexpensive as well. The polishes were $1.00 each, gems was $2.00 for a pack of 6 and confetti was $2.50 for a pack of 12. So grand total averaging $18.50 for a whole set? :) Nice, huh? I could just fill them as I like but I have already taken them off and will start a new set. .. hehe. Only down fall: time consuming! I had to file those suckers to the thickness that I wanted and getting into those little crevices were a little painful due to the inexperience and tight sqeezes! Definitely adding a nail drill to my wish list how ;)

Also, a photo of the mask made for my friends Bday masquerade, *blah. I'm only posting it for the simple fact that I attempted. This was my first attempt to make a mask. When I purchased it, it was yellow, purple.. very marde gras ;) I only had an hour to put re-design it so, I didn't have enough time to make it as ornate and detailed as I initially planned to. I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm satisfied with how the overall design and color. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{ new project }

Man I've been so MIA, I'm sorry folks! But I wanted to quickly update you on what been going on. :)

I've been traveling a lot. Well, I guess not really "travelling" per say, but keeping myself busy around town ;) About two weeks ago I was in LA for the whole weekend. My roomy recently got married and that was technically the first weekend her and her hubby had alone as "newlyweds". We've agreed on him moving in to make things more convenient for them both. Since I was unable to attend their wedding, I set-up a romantic candle-lit night for them. I bought chocolate, roses and apparel for them and left for the weekend with my baby Layla. :) That weekend we had our hands full! Went to flower and fabric district, mountain hiking, Hollywood Farmer's Market, doggie beach and met up with Mary for a good dinner ;) I was also able to attend "Iglesias" with Tray. What a wonderful church! Great teacher, awesome worship and a message that was focused solid on the word. Amen!

This past weekend I attended a Bday masquerade ball and an announcement dinner. Was a bit busy running around and getting the things we needed as I was helping my friend with the decor for her dinner. It was simple and sweet! :) Attended my first swap meet here in SoCal and purchased some lovely peonies! I LOVE PEONIES! Fortunately found the little things we needed last minute, PTL! And the dinner worked out perfectly!

I'm leaving out of this weekend for my friend's wedding, back to Michigan. Yes, Michigan, AGAIN. These trips are really putting whole in my wallet! Eek! This time I'm taking my baby too because her sitter is also leaving out of town. My flight, with Spirit Airlines, is scheduled to leave Friday evening but with the strike that’s going on it’s not certain. Err.., so far they haven't been flying. This would be day 6 and flights are cancelled up to Thursday. Thursday! That’s the day before I'm scheduled to depart! So who knows if the strike will be over by then :(

Well, this blog is going to be short as I am still at work and short on time but, wanted to let you all know what my next project was! Fabric flower necklace! It’s chic, ornate, and inexpensive and I can customize it to whichever way I like! Here are a few photos of what I've saved to inspire me. Colors, fabric type, and arrangement! Ta-ta lovlies, always remember after a storm there is always a rainbow! :)