Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{ new project }

Man I've been so MIA, I'm sorry folks! But I wanted to quickly update you on what been going on. :)

I've been traveling a lot. Well, I guess not really "travelling" per say, but keeping myself busy around town ;) About two weeks ago I was in LA for the whole weekend. My roomy recently got married and that was technically the first weekend her and her hubby had alone as "newlyweds". We've agreed on him moving in to make things more convenient for them both. Since I was unable to attend their wedding, I set-up a romantic candle-lit night for them. I bought chocolate, roses and apparel for them and left for the weekend with my baby Layla. :) That weekend we had our hands full! Went to flower and fabric district, mountain hiking, Hollywood Farmer's Market, doggie beach and met up with Mary for a good dinner ;) I was also able to attend "Iglesias" with Tray. What a wonderful church! Great teacher, awesome worship and a message that was focused solid on the word. Amen!

This past weekend I attended a Bday masquerade ball and an announcement dinner. Was a bit busy running around and getting the things we needed as I was helping my friend with the decor for her dinner. It was simple and sweet! :) Attended my first swap meet here in SoCal and purchased some lovely peonies! I LOVE PEONIES! Fortunately found the little things we needed last minute, PTL! And the dinner worked out perfectly!

I'm leaving out of this weekend for my friend's wedding, back to Michigan. Yes, Michigan, AGAIN. These trips are really putting whole in my wallet! Eek! This time I'm taking my baby too because her sitter is also leaving out of town. My flight, with Spirit Airlines, is scheduled to leave Friday evening but with the strike that’s going on it’s not certain. Err.., so far they haven't been flying. This would be day 6 and flights are cancelled up to Thursday. Thursday! That’s the day before I'm scheduled to depart! So who knows if the strike will be over by then :(

Well, this blog is going to be short as I am still at work and short on time but, wanted to let you all know what my next project was! Fabric flower necklace! It’s chic, ornate, and inexpensive and I can customize it to whichever way I like! Here are a few photos of what I've saved to inspire me. Colors, fabric type, and arrangement! Ta-ta lovlies, always remember after a storm there is always a rainbow! :)

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