Friday, June 25, 2010

{ love is in the Michigan air }

So, as I stated in my prior blog, I went home again this past weekend to celebrate the union of two beautiful couples: Aong Vang & Cheng Thao and KouKhasha Kue & Tom Lee. Man oh man was it a busy weekend! Sooooo restless and hot! It was like a sticky, hot, tiresome dream! ;) hehe

Really though, it went by so quickly I feel like it was a dream. I got to see alot of old faces, Minnesota, Oaklahoma & Wisconsin faces :) My bff Ntxoo and her little family, Meng and the boys, Nancy and her family and ofcourse those beautiful Michiganders! Sigh, I was was so jet lagged when I first arrived I forgot all the people who I would be seeing.

Saturday was Aong & Cheng's wedding. It was so intimate and adorable! And I'm so surprise to have found out that Cheng is actually the son of my parents' former pastor, 5 terms ago? Earlier that day I went to visit the new (to me its new) outdoor shopping center: Partidge Creek. It was so lovely! Was a little like a cross in between Victoria Gardens and The Grove. They had all the major store I liked; H&M, Forever21, Aldos, Guess? Apple AND For Love (whoo-hoo!). I also came across a store called Love Culture. Pretty cute things in there, a bit overwhelming because there was soooo much stuff in there, but prices were good. I guess a store to compare it to would be Papaya? One thing I was SOO shocked and in love with was that they allow pets! Not only in the shopping center but in the stores AND they have a little doggie play area :) Lovely isn't it?

Sunday was Kayla (KouKhasha) & Tom's wedding. It was a HOT day! Argh! I was running late and sweating. Got lost for over an hour due to the beautiful Michigan construction, stuck in a car with no A/C and missed rehearsal! I had no time for make-up and I saw graphic/sad scene of a groundhog in a roadkill. :( It really made my day sad. Afterwards I was on a hunt for shoes at Somerset mall. Argh, dropped $80 on some Mary Janes that I didn't even love and didn't get to see my baby ALL WEEKEND. Poor baby, was so happy and crying like a maniac when I got home that night. All in all, weekend was fun-filled and full of surprises. :)

Anywho, here are photos from Kayla & Tom's wedding, enjoy! I have yet uploaded the photos from Aong & Cheng's wedding. I didn't have my camera on me much so these photos are brought to you from the hands of Pang and Sheng, thanks guys! Have a blessed weekend family!

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