Thursday, June 17, 2010

{ small projects }

I've recently picked up on DIY acrylic nails. A few of my coworkers were talking about manicures and pedicures and I figured, "why not do it yourself". This was my first attempt and though I pretty impressed with how easy the application was, I'm a bit discouraged as they are started to lift after just after 7 days! :(
I purchased the Kiss acrylic nail kit from Target for only a few dollars, I believe it was $7.99? And the nail art supplies I hunted down at a local swap meet. They were pretty inexpensive as well. The polishes were $1.00 each, gems was $2.00 for a pack of 6 and confetti was $2.50 for a pack of 12. So grand total averaging $18.50 for a whole set? :) Nice, huh? I could just fill them as I like but I have already taken them off and will start a new set. .. hehe. Only down fall: time consuming! I had to file those suckers to the thickness that I wanted and getting into those little crevices were a little painful due to the inexperience and tight sqeezes! Definitely adding a nail drill to my wish list how ;)

Also, a photo of the mask made for my friends Bday masquerade, *blah. I'm only posting it for the simple fact that I attempted. This was my first attempt to make a mask. When I purchased it, it was yellow, purple.. very marde gras ;) I only had an hour to put re-design it so, I didn't have enough time to make it as ornate and detailed as I initially planned to. I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm satisfied with how the overall design and color. :)

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