Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{ hump day }

After 7+ hrs of sleep, I'm surprised to find myself tired today..? I rarely get to sleep more than 5/6hrs and yesterday I was happy that I was able to hit the sack @ 1030. Only to wake up every hour after 230am.. weird?
Anyhow, yesterday was my first attempt to make chicken enchiladas!! Whoo-hoo! :) It was deeee-licious! All props goto Angela! In addition to that, Jonathan made beef taquitos and Pangki made dip, salsa and chips! *Yum. By the end of dinner we had no room or energy left for the brownies that were baking in the oven.
I'm contemplating what to send my mother for Valentine's Day.. flowers or Edible arrangements? *Sigh. I have to make up my mind by 3pm so I can order and get it out of the way. Help?
Leaving you with this note: "Remember the tea kettle, it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!" ~Author Unknown. And in saying that, tea anyone? ;)


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