Friday, April 30, 2010

{ happy }

My sister is moving here soon, yay! All the way to SoCal from Minnesota! She's a bit excited then also sad knowing she'll be further away from the nest in Michigan. I'm currently looking into school again, I've applied and I'm really praying that the Lord can open the doors for me to attend school FT and work PT. Lord that would be a blessing! But, if not, His will and not mine.

My sister and I recently we got in a heated "text-gument" (text argument). Ever had those? There actually not too bad, alot better than verbal arguments because you think and read what you say before you deliver it (sometthing we all should do anyways but forget to do in the heat of the moment, hehe). But you better make sure your fingers are typing the right things and checking for grammar errors or else when you throw yourself under the bus. Saying things like "U are so unreliable!" can actually turn out to be "I are so unreliable!" hehe.. that actually may be a good thing, can end the argument quick! haha!

All in all, we didn't really talk things out but the next day she text me the info I asked her to (that she said she wouldn't) we're all good now. I miss her alot and ofcourse, I forgive her. IF YOU'RE READING THIS, I FORGIVE YOU! Because I know you're too stubburn to ask for it! hahaha, ok jk jk jk! But yay! I'm excited! I wove my wittle bossy, workaholic, over-tanned, over acheiver little sister. She makes me laugh until I pee. haha thats pretty serious. ;) will keep you updated on how it goes! have a good weekend!

o btw, tomorrow is my bday! yay! I turn 23! ;)

Thank you Lord for the great blessings you have poured into my life. The blessings as well as the trails. They have molded me to be stronger and wiser to further your kingdom. As I look back on my life I see the many things you have shown me. I can recall the times where I felt so alone and abandoned but you were so faithful, you reminded me that you never forsake me but that it was I who forsaked you. I pray that you continue to give me your eyes, to see the amazing things you have fo me; the hands, to do a servant's work; and your heart, of compassion and love. I know I can never give you anything that is remotely close to what you have given me, but I pray that my offering to you may be pleasant. I love you.

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