Friday, April 2, 2010

{ good Friday }

Going home to surprise family this weekend! At work right now and will be leaving by noon as my flight is scheduled to depart by 530pm. Want to know a secret? I haven't packed yet. :/

This weekend's visit will also be a celebration of mom and dad's birthdays. So it will be filled with food, candy and laughter! I'm excited as its been 2 years since our big Easter egg hunt for the kids and about the same since we last celebrated our parents' birthdays.

Yesterday I got my hair did. ;) My awesome co-worker gave me a cut and highlights and it look sabsolutely fan-tab-bu-lous! I'm so blessed to have a friend who takes time out of her busy life to make me look better. ;) haha. I was too "bland" and wanted change and am VERY happy that I have a friend who I can trust and not just a random stranger. haha.

Apart from an Egg hunt weekend with the kids and parents birthday, this weekend will also be a celebration of freedom. Freedom from sins, freedom from bondages, freedom the enemies hands. Have you ever heard of this love story? A man gave his life in exchange to your salvation.

He was beaten brutally and lead as a lamb to the slaughter house. The bible records that He knew what was going to happen to him the night the Romans arrested Jesus, he prayed and asked his disciples to pray with him. Jesus was in such agony that night, he literally sweat drops of blood (scientists have said that if you are under extreme pressure, it is possible to sweat blood). He knew what was going to happen to him and how much he was going to suffer in the next few hours. He knew that the Roman soldiers were going to arrest and beat him. He knew they were going to spit on his face and pull the hairs from his beard. Jesus knew that the soldiers were going to then whip him 39 times with cat of nine tails, a whip with 9 hooked prongs at the end. He knew the soldiers would make a crown out of thorns and put it on his head and as they put it on his head where it would cut into his scalp. Jesus knew that the soldiers would force him to carry a 400 lb wooden cross up a hill. He knew once he arrived on the top of that hill, they would nail his hands and feet to this cross. They would hang him up to die. He knew that even then the soldiers would not be satisfied, they would take a spear and pierce his side.

Jesus was a real person, he was flesh and blood like all of us, and he knew he would feel all the pain and suffering. Jesus knew all of this was going to happen to him. But He willingly gave the ultimate sacrifice, his life, so that we may obtain salvation. Jesus could have stopped it, the Bible says he could have called out and an army of angels would have come to his rescue, but he didn't. He didn't because he knew that by his dying, that was the only way we, as people could be reconciled to God. And he knew that he had to take the whipping because the bible says : "through his stripes we are healed." -Isaiah 53:5

This weekend I will celebrate. Not only with food, laughter or cakes but also with thankfulness and hands lifted up high to our gracious and soveriegn God. Will you be celebrating with me?

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