Monday, March 8, 2010

{ well-rested }

Verse for the week:
The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, But a wise man is he who listens to counsel.
- Proverbs 12:15

Friday went to The Well, (amazing worship, discipleship and fellowship as always), Cheesecake Factory afterwards. Saturday I had plans to go out but only ran out for a few errands than found myself comfy in bed with my laptop and baby Layla :) Sunday went to morning service where Pastor Greg Laurie interviewed Randy Alcorn, author of a number of books, including “Heaven”. Then later on that night went to Day7 where Abandon was there and they put on a GREAT performance! To view any of these sermons feel free to visit

On my day off Saturday I had a pleasant conversation with my mom. I didn’t know but they were throwing a birthday for my nephew, Christian. He was turning one and he is the first born, so you KNOW his parents completely spoiled him with gifts. Anyhow, my mother brought to my attention that by the end of this year I will be an auntie to 15 kids! Yep, 15!! So far 7 boys, 7 girls and we have yet found out the sex to #15 yet. :D Pretty mind-boggling, right?

Ok so this weekend, because I was in for such a long period of time, I realized my living room is pretty “blah”. So I was searching online for alternatives as I didn’t want to buy any paint and didn’t feel like stressing about a specific design. I wanted character but I didn’t want to put long days of work laboring on it. So! This is what I found! Let me know your feedback and what you think. I’ll try my best to give brief directions ;)

1. Select 4-5 different designs that will fit with not only the colors but style of your room. Also keep in mind, sometimes solids are good to add too!

2. Arrange your design how you would like then take a photo so that you can reference to it later when mounting it on the wall.

3. Layout newspaper and craft paper face down. Apply adhesive to the entire back surface (I chose spray adhesive because I had it handy, I attempt to buy some rubber cement but the store was completely out of stock.)

4. Carefully align the craft paper to your poster board. Try your best to start from the any corner, this way you can align with the left and bottom to ensure it’s even.

5. Leave aside for adhesive to dry and bond (approximately 15-20 minutes). While doing this you can repeat steps 3 to 5 for the others.

6. Cut out the dried craft paper and trim the access edges. I’ve found that because the paper is larger, it’s a bit difficult to cut as close to the edges when you’re closer to the middle. To make it easier slightly roll the craft paper up, this should shorten the paper and allow more space to maneuver your scissors.

7. Apply 1 ½ “ double sided tape to each corner and mount onto wall. Reference back to your photo to remember your original layout.
The craft paper I purchased was from Michael's Craft store (which I am in LOVE with). The card stock is $19.99 but I believe it was on sale 25% off. I was strolling up and down the aisle trying to find something modern and fitting with the colors/theme of what I already had. I came across American Crafts Patterned Paper Pack and was sold from there. They have vivid, rich, modern and bold colors that I absolutely ADORE! I used almost all of my blue/green/beige/brown combos and the plan is to use the pink/white/orange for my room! Make sure you stop by their website to view their selection!

Have a blessed day!

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